Wildcat Jugglers tutorial


Wildcat Jugglers were a group of students who met once a week to juggle. The club met at Thunder Bay Junior High in Alpena, Michigan.

This tutorial is designed to teach beginning to intermediate juggling patterns.

For better written descriptions of these tricks, I highly recommend Jon Relf's TWJC Tutorials. There you will find well thought out written descriptions of many more tricks than I have listed here. I also recommend buying Charlie Dancey's Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling. It's fun to read and has great illustrations.

First steps

Let's see how to become a juggler…

Two in One Hand

These are nice tricks on their own. They also give the basis for the more complicated patterns with 3 or more balls.

Three Balls

Everything you need from the basics to intermediate level.

Cascase Patterns

Over the Top Patterns

Yo-Yo Patterns

Mills Mess Patterns

Behind the Back Patterns

Special Catches

One-up Two-up Patterns

423 Patterns

Shower Patterns



Four Balls

Once you learned to juggle two and three balls, you can try four balls. You can get to this level after 2-3 months of daily practicing.

Five Balls

You can start working on these after half of year - a year of intensive practice. These patterns are much harder to learn and master.

Three Clubs

You can start practicing clubs right after learning the three balls cascade.

Three Rings

Worth trying the rings as well.

Non-Juggling Stuff